Subtitld is probably the best free software to edit, transcribe and create subtitles.


The free version is able to read SRT, SSA, TTML, SBV, DFXP, VTT, XML, SCC and SAMI file formats and to write SRT file format by default.

Add, remove, slice subtitles easily.


The interface is easy to understand. All you need to do the work is at hand.

Read various formats

Opening various common subtitle and video file formats are supported.


Adjust the start, duration and end of a subtitle directly in the timeline.

Saving SRT by deafult

Subtitle saves your project in SRT format by default.

Project/status information

All information you need. No more, no less.


Merge to the last or next subtitle, or slice in the middle at the text cursor position.

Add and remove

Add a subtitle with an editable duration or remove the selected subtitle.

Start/end to cursor

Set the start or end of the subtitle to the current timeline cursor.

Timeline zoom

Up to 20 levels of zoom, so you can make fine editings.


You can show the grid to help visualize by frames, seconds or scenes.


While dragging subtitles, it can snap the starts/ends, moving and to the grid.


Play from the start of the last/current subtitle, stop, play at current timeline cursor position, and from the start of the next subtitle.

Time info

Timecode information always visible, and seconds marking in the timeline.

Subtitles selection

Select subtitles from a numbered list.

Files history

Open a recent file from a list of recent used files.

Unlimited undo changes

You can undo mistakes with no limits.

Add/remove gap

Change the timing of all subtitles.

Fine edit

Frame-accurate editing of timing.

Keyboard shortcuts

Default keyboard shortcuts to accelerate workflow.


Playback speed

Useful for transcribe: adjust the playback speed without changing the pitch.


Repeat playback

Useful for transcribe: set the duration and times to repeat while playing.


Safety margins

Visual aid for safety margins.


Save in other formats

Choose other formats to save by default.


Import/export transcripts

Import from TXT files, slice them and insert into the timeline automatically. Also, it can export the subtitles as simple TXT files.


Export burned in subtitle

Generate videos with the subtitle burned in.


Auto sync

Automatically synchronizes subtitles


Auto subtitles

Automatically transcribe subtitles


Custom Shortcuts

Configure custom keyboard shortcuts

Unlimited video duration

No limit for video length time.

Resizeable window

The interface is adjusted to your screen.

MPV playback engine

Based on a powerful multimedia playback engine.

ffmpeg internal processes

Internal tasks are based on a powerful audio/video manipulation tool.

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If you find a bug or want new features to be added, please report on Gitlab or send us an email.